Welcome to The Frozen Website

Where Arthas rants from a frozen computer, from his Frozen Throne, in his free time.
Which is probably frozen too.

I'm here to rant about fantasy as we know it. Namely, Medieval Fantasy, or, as I like to call it, pseudo-Medieval fantasy. We all know it - it's in that book on that shelf in the library, that book with colorful and badly designed cover, that book which still sells despite all odds, simply because people who want Fantasy have no other choice.

I shall instruct you, my minions, to create that one fantasy book that will satisfy the taste of those poor people deprived of decent literature. So grab your pencils or keyboards, saddle your imagination, and let's set off onto this adventure.

But beware, I'm a jerk. I don't shy away from touching delicate subjects in a brutal manner. If you want to remain in your pink bubble and enjoy the sunshine, then carry on and watch some unicorns or something.